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Description of Roscuro’s Run game:
Run up the Royal Table and avoid being captured by the knights!

Arrow Keys – Move.
Spacebar – Jump.


Rob Vs. Bob 3

Description of Rob Vs. Bob 3 game:
Shoot the monster in his brain to win. Can you win before getting smashed?

Use arrow keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

Headshire Throw

Description of Headshire Throw game:
Each day gather enough resources before the nightfall. Press mouse button on the resources, aim to corresponding bubble and release the button. Catch dropped coins or gems.

Use mouse to interact.

Paint Makers

Description of Paint Makers game:
The objective is to shoot enough paint into the buckets to keep the paint production steady.

Use Mouse to interact.

Red Lead - Comic Relief

Description of Red Lead – Comic Relief game:
Don’t let the balls drop down to the floor!

Use Mouse to keep the balls bouncing!


Description of TentaDrill game:
Side scrolling underwater shooter with RPG elements.

Use Arrow keys or WASD keys to move.
Z or K to shoot.
X or L to use drill.

Cat Bowling 2

Description of Cat Bowling 2 game:
In this funny mixture of bowling, dodgeball and space invaders.

Use Mouse to interact.

Pimp My Bugatti

Description of Pimp My Bugatti game:
A Bugatti always has style, but needs your personal pimpin’ touch. Click the arrows to see the options.

Use mouse to interact.


Description of Arsenal game:
For once, the snipers have some taste! Slam slugs into the usual suspects – and look good doing it, peeps!

Mouse to aim and fire. See in-game instructions.

Love Rock and Roll Dress Up

Description of Love Rock and Roll Dress Up game:
Do you love Rock and Roll? Lets take a look.

Use Mouse to interact.